Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety

LOCKOUT / TAGOUT Require - Where?

  • Repairing electrical circuits.
  • Cleaning or oiling machinery with moving parts.
  • Clearing jammed mechanisms.

OSHA lets each employer use LOCKOUT / TAG OUT or both. It’s your responsibility to follow whichever system has been chosen for your workplace. Locks and Tags by themselves do not de-energize equipment. Attach them only after the machinery has been isolated from its energy sources.


LOCKOUT / TAGOUT Applied – Where?

  • Energy isolation and LOCKOUT / TAGOUT are to be applied only by trained employees authorized to perform service or maintenance.
  • Before LOCKOUT / TAGOUT is applied, all employees who work in the affected area must be notified.
  • OSHA requires that control of hazardous energy be done according to a six-step procedure

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