Lockout/Tagout is a very important part of "life at work" in industries, manufacturing & processing plants, office buildings, healthcare facilities, hotels, ships, offshore installations, etc.

Lockout / Tagout ?

“LOCKOUT” means to physically neutralize all energies in a piece of equipment before beginning any maintenance or repair work. Lockouts generally involve:

  • Stopping all energy flows (for example, by turning off switches, or valves on supply lines);
  • Locking switches and valves;
  • Securing the machine, device, or power transmission line in a de-energized state (forexample, by applying blocks or blanks, or bleeding hydraulic or pneumatic pressure from lines).

“TAGOUT” means placing a warning tag or sign (a tagout device)on an energy isolating device warning not to operate the machinery until the tagout device is removed.

It alerts other employees as to the status of a machine or system, about why it has been taken out of service, and the identity of the individual who has applied the lockout.

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